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A journey begun far away

The region surrounding Piacenza is extremely varied, with mountains, hills, and valleys offering ideal microclimates for winemaking. Val Tidone, Val Luretta, Val Trebbia, Val Nure and Val d’Arda flow into the Po river and allow the cultivation of sixteen different DOP wines.

Getting to this corner of the world to produce award-winning wines, however, has been a long journey. It all began when Felice, a cattle breeder who had moved to France to explore the hidden mysteries of the transalpine tradition, decided to undertake a long journey back to Italy, collecting encounters, experiences, and flavors rooted in centuries of history.

Good wine is born in a medieval castle

As he arrived in Piacenza, Felice noticed the potential of the Emilian valleys and decided to stop here to experiment with winemaking techniques he learned during his journey. Interpreting fruits and flavors became a means of expression. Felice founded the winery under the ancient Castle of Momeliano, a fortress almost one thousand years old. The constant temperature of the castle’s cellars was ideal for the aging of fine wines.

A clear idea, applied to a landscape with special characteristics: this is how Luretta started combining grapes of French origin with local varieties, creating products with mysterious names never seen before in the region. Pantera, Achab, Carabas: seemingly fanciful labels that hide elegance, refinement, ingenuity, and balance.



Local dimension, international vision

It all starts in the vineyard. The lands of Piacenza are extremely varied: the peaks of the Apennines overlook sweet hills offering ideal microclimates for the production of exceptional wines. It is to preserve the delicate balance of this corner of the world that we have been using organic farming techniques since 1988.

By applying production processes that are sustainable in the long term, we work with awareness knowing that good wine is the result, before anything else, of respect for the earth and the life forms that inhabit it.

Each vintage tells stories of passion and continuous research. French oak and innovative techniques: Selin dl’Armari, Boccadirosa and Corbeau are born from the tension between craftsmanship and science. A tension that expresses the desire of visionary experimenters to continue expanding the limits of taste, observing the unwritten rules that the earth imposes on us.

From our past

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