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The Colli Piacentini are the canvas on which, since 1988, Luretta has been painting its vision. Interpreting fruits and flavors becomes a means of expression. A clear idea, applied to a landscape with particular characteristics: Luretta combines international vines with local grapes, creating products with mysterious names on land ideal for their production. Pantera, Achab, Carabas: seemingly fanciful labels that hide elegance, refinement, ingenuity, and balance. 

Red wines

The typicality of our land is combined with the taste of international grapes to create a series of red wines that amaze at every sip. The desire to experiment while paying homage to a land rich in history means that behind every label there is a journey to be undertaken without preconceptions.


White Wines

The region surrounding Piacenza is extremely varied, with mountains, hills, and valleys offering ideal microclimates for winemaking. These geographical conditions allow us to grow unique grapes and offer a collection of fresh, aromatic, sweet and surprising whites just waiting to be discovered.



International inspiration guides us in the creation of sparkling wines that have the Traditional Method in common. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the grapes we interpret to produce bubbles with a refined taste, designed to make every toast a celebration.



Luretta’s most recent creation is a collection of summery, light and spontaneous wines which make irreverence its strong point. Our Pucks bring a carefree moment in the glass. They are meant to be enjoyed on the bank of a river, with the warm wind blowing, while singing to slow down the fleeting moment.



Luretta’s Vermut has a sweet taste, well balanced by herbaceous notes and a bitter aftertaste. Rich and velvety palate. The only vermouth in the world produced with Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, the organic grape of our Boccadirosa.

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