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Gutturnio Superiore

Sharp, sincere, legendary

The first DOP wine from Colli Piacentini makes no compromises: the combination of Barbera and Croatina gives birth to a robust, unapologetic wine that showcases its roots with pride and its head held high.


Being able to get straight to the point is a rare gift these days. Gutturnio Superiore speaks a direct language, without filters and without worrying about pleasing at all costs. There is an unhealthy pleasure in being told things as they are, but if it is true that the first impression is what counts, then our Gutturnio leaves no room for doubt.


A nervous, irreverent wine that combines Barbera (60%) and Croatina (40%) to pay homage to the centuries-old tradition of Gutturnio. Earthy aromas and intense hints of currant and blueberry, perfect for accompanying aged cheeses and cured meats.

Red meat, White meat, Cured meats, Appetizers
Grape varieties
Barbera, Croatina

I want to see thirst In the syllables,
Tough fire In the sound;
Feel through the dark For the scream. I want words as rough as virgin rocks.

– Pablo Neruda, The Hands of Day


It was May 23, 1878, when Giovanni Premoli, a Castelvetro fisherman (on the banks of the Piacenza side of the Po River) noticed that a metal vase got stuck in his net. The object was sold for a few liras to a local goldsmith and after several changes of hands the inspector of the Monuments of Cremona, Francesco Robolotti, discovered that the container was actually a silver “aryballos” weighing half a kilo and dating back to Roman times. As soon as its value was discovered, the vase disappeared.

Scholars named it “Gutturnium”, explaining how it was originally used at the end of dinners in ancient Rome as a collective chalice, as part of a ritual in which the diners passed the vase from hand to hand, slowly emptying it of the delicious wine. The term “Gutturnio” is therefore still used to define the typical wine of the Colli Piacentini region.

Luretta has been producing Gutturnio Superiore since the early 1990s, keeping alive a tradition which has been going on for centuries and respecting its original style. Barbera (60%) and Croatina (40%) are aged in wood for nine months before being bottled to yield a nervous, intense and sharp wine.

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