All our sparkling wines share organic agriculture and traditional method, but the flavors emerging from our bubbles vary from bottle to bottle and from vintage to vintage. The freshness of Chardonnay and the intriguing character of Pinot Noir, interpreted in different ways to make every moment worth celebrating.


A floral sparkling, immediate, fruity, but never sweet. Principessa is a sparkling wine meant to turn ordinary events into days to remember: you don’t need great occasions to uncork it, Principessa is a wine for every day.

Aged on lees between 18 and 24 months, Cantina Luretta’s best-selling sparkling wine is produced with a low dosage which allows maintaining the perfect balance between structure and clarity. Simplicity, here, does not mean a lack of originality.

The opposite: Principessa is a refined wine, which captures the essence of Chardonnay grown on the calcareous marls of Colli Piacentini and expresses its details in a delicate way.

Grape variety
Traditional Method Chardonnay

Pas Dosé

As it often happens at Cantina Luretta, the best wines result from betting high on low odds. Pas Dosé is a robust and structured sparkling wine, just as one would expect from a Traditional Method.

Choosing to age a sparkling wine for 50 months was an instinctive decision. The best bunches of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay deserved our patience to express their finest characteristics. With hints of yeast and a pleasant acidity that invades the palate, Pas Dosé is a wine to be savored slowly to celebrate the present.

Mushroomy hints and a dry mouthfeel emerge thanks to the slow production process, surprising the most experienced drinkers with a multiplicity of scents that complement each other.

Grape varieties
Traditional Method Pinot Nero - Chardonnay

On Attend Les Invités

Intense red fruit fragrances invade the nose with every glass. Just by approaching our On Attend, you’ll understand that this is a wine with stories to tell, both to the drinker and the producer. Its rosy color, in fact, is not a prerequisite. It is the consequence of a slow maceration process that every year brings new, different, surprising results.

A sensation of tannin envelops the mouth without being intrusive. Pinot Noir aromas intertwine with a dry and crisp palate, as it should be for a Traditional Method of this magnitude. A rich and theatrical wine, which condenses the essence of space and time.

Grape varieties
Traditional Method Pinot Noir

On Attend Les Invités Roncolino Reserve

No lengthy explanations are needed: On Attend Les Invités Riserva Roncolino exists in a few cases, produced only in the best vintages. To date, only in 2007, 2009, and 2011 did our Pinot Noir grapes reach the level of quality required for this sparkling.

Good raw materials aren’t enough, though. What makes Riserva Roncolino a wine impossible to imitate are the eight years of aging on lees, a slow and laborious process which gives this wine the depth it deserves.

The excellence of Cantina Luretta, available only by reservation in 1.5-liter magnum size bottles.

Grape varieties
Traditional Method Pinot Noir
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