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Red Wines

Different souls coexist in Luretta’s red collection. Intense, structured, unusual wines are waiting to be tasted next to young, fresh bottles rooted in the territory. The attention given to each bunch of grapes means that behind every label is an unparalleled experience.


An ambitious challenge: to tame Pinot Noir and rewrite its history in an atypical, unusual context. Our obsession with taming this white whale in the hills of Piacenza led us to create Achab, a red wine that embodies our desire to break with tradition and make the rules of the game our own.

With its ruby ​​color and a perfect balance between softness and acidity, Achab boasts dazzling sensorial contrasts. A red with the characteristics of a white, which fills the nose with blue flowers and then presents itself on the palate with its currant and cherry aftertaste.

An exclusive wine, to be uncorked on occasions that only happen once.

Grape varieties
Pinot noir

L'Ala del Drago

If there is a wine that represents the Colli Piacentini region, it is Gutturnio, which has been marking the days of the people living in our province for over a century. Pungent and direct, Gutturnio presents itself in no uncertain terms.

The reality is that behind its biting facade, this wine born from the combination of Barbera and Croatina, hides a smooth, elegant and refined character. L’Ala del Drago was born from our desire to show the noble character of Gutturnio.

Produced from thirty-year-old vines and aged in oak barrels for 18 months, L’Ala del Drago pays homage to its roots, surprising the drinker with a memorable plot twist.

Grape varieties
Gutturnio, Barbera, Croatina


Modern method, ancient tradition. Honest, but mysterious. Rough and bawdy, yet elegant.

It is in the delicate balance between opposing forces that Capitano was born, a wine which attracts for what it does not say. Many have tried to interpret this enigma: they have not succeeded, but sometimes the beauty lies in the challenge.

A powerful wine, with a secret blend, served and sold exclusively in its place of origin, Cantina Luretta.

Grape varieties
Grape varieties


No grape variety, in the last thirty years, has been able to boast such a radical renewal of its image as Barbera. Until recently, the most common Piedmontese grape was considered pretty ordinary, not worthy of praises by experts.

Yet it had been hiding a character that was just waiting to be revalued all along.

Luretta reinterprets Barbera by offering a wine with more depth, higher load of tannins and richer structure in comparison with its Piedmontese counterpart.

A wine that is honest and straightforward, yet refined and full of character.

Grape varieties


Corbeau is the product of Luretta’s best bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon, winner of a Quattro Viti award in 2015 and a Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso in 2002. Produced in Luretta’s Roncolino vineyard, is considered among the best cru of the Colli Piacentini region.

A piece of the region’s winemaking history resulting in a powerful, deep, internationally-inspired wine.

Black, intense, structured, and atypical: this is our Corbeau, a Cabernet Sauvignon that stands out among Luretta’s reds for its depth and character. An austere wine, with intense hints of spices and red fruits, with evolved and balsamic tertiaries.

Corbeau envelops the mouth with the softness of ripe tannins and the aftertaste of pepper and toasted wood that balance the wine’s structure to perfection.

Grape varieties
Cabernet Sauvignon

Gutturnio Superiore

Luretta’s Gutturnio Superiore is a fuss-free wine that goes straight to the point. Clear in intention and provocative in character, it is a niche product you will not forget.

Created following the local tradition by blending Barbera and Croatina grapes, Gutturnio Superiore differs from other interpretations because of its long aging process in oak barrels.

A wine that presents its rough and disruptive personality at the first sip, perfect for celebrating a friendship sealed by time.

Grape varieties
Croatina, Barbera


Revolution in a glass. Succulent, spicy, and seductive, Pantera combines international flavors with the products of our land, without ever compromising.

Originally it was Pinot Noir that gave shape to Pantera together with Barbera and Croatina, but with time our tastes changed and in 2003 we decided to combine the Colli Piacentini’s grape varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon. More than thirty years after the first bottle, the recipe continues to evolve year by year, following the experience of those who, at each harvest, reinterpret their grapes to give life to a wine that fills the mouth and rolls on the tongue.

The first “authentic red” of Luretta, which defined the philosophy of the winery by opening the way to a new way of thinking about wine.

Grape varieties
Croatina, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon