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Luretta is an exploration.

It is a journey through the fruits of a little-known land, begun with the ambition to reinvent tradition, paying homage to the people who over the centuries have shaped this corner of the world. It is a journey made up of encounters, in which every gesture is transformed into a dialogue with nature that allows us to rediscover the territory day after day through the voices of those who have made its history. Luretta is an experience: an immersion in the taste, history and ideas that are woven into the Colli Piacentini.

With a disruptive and at the same time mysterious personality Luretta invites you to experiment and indulge in new and unexpected flavors. It all starts in the vineyard. The lands of Piacenza are extremely varied: the peaks of the Apennines overlook sweet hills offering ideal microclimates for the production of exceptional wines. Val Tidone, Val Luretta, Val Trebbia, Val Nure and Val d’Arda open to the Po Valley and allow the cultivation of sixteen different DOP wines.


It is under a medieval castle that good wine is born

Cantina Luretta, in fact, operates in the ancient Castle of Momeliano. The first documents mentioning the Castle of Momeliano date back to the year 1000. Despite the passing of centuries, the medieval architecture of the place where we make our wines has remained intact among the hills of Piacenza. The constant temperature of the castle’s cellars is ideal for the aging of our finest wines, which rest for up to eight years in the basement of this ancient fortress nestled among vineyards. The scent of oak from the barrels envelops everyone who enters this timeless place.

A constant dialogue with the nature that surrounds us

Creating wines that remain impressed in memory since the first sip means knowing the balance between ambition and the limits of the earth. Our wish is to produce wines that stimulate curiosity, transmitting the passion which characterizes us.

The Colli Piacentini are the canvas on which, since 1988, the Salamini family has been painting their vision. It is to preserve the delicate balance of this corner of the world that we use organic farming techniques. Nature is the lens through which we observe the future. By applying production processes that are sustainable in the long term, we work with awareness knowing that good wine is the result, before anything else, of respect for the earth and the life forms that inhabit it.

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