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I nani e le ballerine

Captivating, exotic and surprising

An international grape variety which finds in the Colli Piacentini region its best expression. Fresh and mineral, yet full-bodied and fruity, I Nani e le Ballerine breaks expectations.


You know how they say you can never have enough of a good thing? For us, with Sauvignon Blanc it is just like that. But what does “Sauvignon Blanc” mean exactly anyway? Forget the typical vegetal hints, appearances, and obvious connotations. I Nani e le Ballerine is exotic fruit, minerality, freshness. Only creativity, here, is typical.


Captivating and exotic: I Nani e le Ballerine is an organic Sauvignon Blanc that breaks the schemes. Fresh, mineral, with a good level of acidity, it surprises with an opulent palate that evolves over the years. Perfect with oysters, asparagus and grilled fish.


2019 – Magnum

Fish, Pasta dishes, Cold Cuts and Starters
Grape varieties
Sauvignon Blanc

C’est pas seulement à Paris
Que le crime fleurit,
Nous au village aussi l’on a
De beaux assassinats.

– Georges Brassens, L’Assassinat


We didn’t have high expectations for the first Sauvignon Blanc vineyards planted in Luretta’s lands. It was 1992 and although France was already a big inspiration in our production, we hadn’t taken I Nani e le Ballerine too seriously.

It took four years to realize this was a wine worth investing time and energy in. The 1996 vintage gave life to a bottle beyond any expectation. A wine with French influences, certainly, but deeply rooted in our hills. The minerality of our calcareous marls is combined with the exotic scents of the grapes, creating a product appreciated both by the general public and by critics for its originality.

The 1996 vintage will remain in the annals of Luretta, followed more than a decade later by the 2007 and 2015 vintages. In 2018, I Nani e le Ballerine won the prestigious Quattro Viti award, joining the Vitae Guide for the first time. In 2019 we decided to plant a new plot and expand the production to be surprised again and again by the complexity of this unique white wine.


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