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L’ala del drago

Rare, sophisticated and refined

From humble beginnings, L’Ala del Drago evolved to become an icon of the territory. The rusticity of Gutturnio, refined through a patient aging process in barrels: a combination of Barbera and Croatina that does justice to its roots.


There’s a treasure to be found in what is ordinary and it’s often by polishing a rough stone that previously overlooked surprises can be unearthed. Instinct is of the essence: seeing potential in what is ordinary and turning an ordinary image into a work of art.


Organic Gutturnio Superiore DOP produced by combining Barbera (60%) and Croatina (40%) grapes and aged in oak for 18 months. Soft, full-bodied and refined, Cantina Luretta's finest Gutturnio elevates tradition and pairs perfectly with flavorful pasta dishes and meat sauces.

Stewed meat, Red meat, Cheese
Grape varieties
Barbera, Croatina

You have been kneeling over your glasses waiting for better futures
Sighing next to my realm of excess but touching the door from outside
When I was on the throne, you were still sweeping the stable
And when you were winning I came back to steal your ball…

– Davide Van De Sfroos, L’Alain Delon de Lenn


The first bottle of L’Ala del Drago was released on the market in 2001, however, its origins date back to some decades before. In fact Barbera and Croatina vineyards used for wine production are among the most ancient of Cantina Luretta. The forty-years-old vineyards allow the creation of a Gutturnio with surprising nuances, softer and more full-bodied than most of the bottles sharing its name.

Following fermentation, L’Ala del Drago is aged in oak barrels for 18 months, before being aged in glass for 24 months. The patient aging process and the production method, which follows the dictates of organic farming, contribute to make a regional excellence of this wine.

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